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NATO Veterans Initiative (NAVI) is a non-profit, nonpartisan, and non-governmental transatlantic veteran organization dedicated to research, advocacy, networking, empowerment, and solidarity.

The NAVI Research Institute is the research division of NAVI that provides a unique perspective to transatlantic leaders and societies on peace and security through the lens of NATO's founding principles of rule of law, democracy, human rights, and individual liberties.

Our vision is to foster a safer, resilient, and prosperous world through unbiased empirical analysis. We aim to utilize our unique approach of nonpartisan, independent research to address global challenges, with a dedicated focus on security. Through rigorous inquiry, we aim to pave the way for an enriched future where safety and prosperity coexist seamlessly for individuals, communities, and nations.

Our mission is advancing global security and well-being through independent research and education. We aim to foster understanding and address critical international challenges by producing and sharing high-quality scholarship and impartial policy analyses. Grounded in integrity and nonpartisanship, we bring together a diverse group of experts dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration. Our goal is to decipher and mitigate complex global security risks, working towards a safer and more secure world for all.

The NAVI Research Institute was officially established by the NAVI Board on July 16th, 2023 and is comprised of scholars and research fellows representing a wide range of academic disciplines, including but not limited to Political Science, Sociology, Homeland Security, Business/Economy, and Military Studies. There are four Research Programs within the NAVI Research Institute:

  • Security and Defense Policy Studies
  • Regional Security Studies
  • Social, Economic and Security Studies
  • Emerging Technology and Data Studies

Our research is highly interdisciplinary, but we all share the common goal of promoting and publishing rigorous research on critical issues such as democracy, human rights, and security, as well as topics related to veterans, military service, and civil-military relations in any country and at any point in history.


At NAVI Research Institute, our aim is to contribute to current debates, academic research, and policy-making efforts by producing a diverse range of high-quality materials, including policy briefs, research reports, case studies, op-eds, expert commentaries, video interviews, and podcasts. NAVI Research Institute Research Fellows Program is an opportunity for researchers to share their expertise with the broader community and contribute to NAVI’s mission through rigorous research, publications, and other public and private activities, as resident or non-resident research fellows.


The benefits that will support the career advancement and professional development of research fellows include:

* Opportunities to apply for grants and funds provided by other organizations through NAVI. NAVI may facilitate this by offering guidance and support on identifying, applying for, and securing these external grants.

* Having a platform for publishing, publicizing, and promoting their work in various formats, such as research reports, policy briefs, expert commentaries, op-eds, video interviews, podcasts, and so on.

* Opportunities for contributing to current research initiatives, developing new research areas, mentoring students and interns, participating in our events or initiating new events, providing subject matter expertise, and collaborating with fellow researchers.

* Receiving referrals to speaking engagements and media interactions seeking NAVI's expertise in the research fellow’s areas of interest.

* Access to a global network of scholars, veterans, and policymakers.

* Invitations to participate in NAVI-branded future events (e.g., working groups, policy roundtables, panels, etc.)


Research fellows are expected to:

* Regularly publish research reports, briefs, op-eds, or expert commentaries in their areas of expertise.

* Support and contribute to NAVI’s mission.

* Contribute to NAVI’s global reach and impact.

* On a voluntary basis, research fellows may also offer additional support such as peer-reviewing research submissions, speaking at panels and webinars, and engaging with academics, policymakers, journalists, and other professionals in their networks to promote NAVI's mission and research works.


Please click the link to access and complete the required application form. When prompted, please ensure you have your

  • CV,
  • Fellowship Proposal (of at least 1000 words) outlining your research goals and expectations,
  • References List (at least two: name, institution, phone and email) ready for upload.

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