Human Capital Specialist

Washington, DC, USA
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Job Description

Human Capital Specialist (DEIA)


A detailee is an employee of the United States government agency on assignment or loan. Applicant must be a current federal employee in order to be considered. This is a non-reimbursable detail assignment and cannot exceed 120 days. If selected, a Memorandum of Understanding must be signed by your current agency and Executive Office of the President. Your supervisor and current agency must concur with the detail. This detail will not result in a promotion or permanent position.


As a Detailee, the incumbent will typically have the following work assignments:

Incumbent will assist the DEIA Program Manager in furthering the action steps of OMB's DEIA Strategic Plan to ensure equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility are integrated into OMB-wide strategies, structures, workforce development plans and marketing. This may include conducting think tanks, training, developing data and collecting metrics, and performing data analytics; establishing additional actions plans, and identifying any areas of improvement in order to refine programs and processes assessments, etc.

Incumbent will assist with developing training materials to educate employees and managers on how to recognize, accommodate and appreciate individual differences, and how these can be bridge back to assist in meeting organizational goals, tracking progress towards these goals and communicating progress to OMB staff and stakeholders.

Analyzing the talent management systems to identify and make recommendations for removing institutional barriers, mitigating bias, and assuring a fair and transparent process in recruiting, hiring, and retaining diverse talent. Developing a plan to diversify the General Schedule and Senior Executive Service Cadre and coordinating as needed with other staff to identify barriers to maximizing strategic initiatives and long-term workforce productivity as it relates to DEIA.

Incumbent will develop and deploy Special Emphasis analysis and programming to support equal employment opportunity for minorities, women and individuals with disabilities in various categories and occupations within the workforce to support equal program delivery and employment, promotion, training, and career enhancement affecting employees and applicants in our agency.

Incumbent will develop and deploy employment engagement analysis and programming across our workforce to support the development of engagement strategy, inclusive of brainstorm solutions to improve the employee experience, participate in employee focus groups, and collaborating with our training staff in developing opportunities and learning experiences to facilitate the personal and professional growth of our staff.

Incumbent will gather materials necessary to understand the strategy, reports and plans and data, analyzes these materials to determine the most effective communications technique and translate it into effective marketing and communication campaigns.

Individual will also develop, maintain, and analyze spreadsheets and databases consisting of current and historical workforce data; use workforce demographic data to explore potential correlation between hiring, promotion, and other decisions and the advancement of OMB's diversity objectives, and create data visualizations to showcase emerging workforce trends and to make recommendations on diversity and inclusion initiatives.