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Job Description

Title: SY24-25 Extended Day Teacher


Extended Day Team Members collaborate with other team members to create a seamless transition between the regular school day and the extended day, providing enriching activities that support language and literacy development for AELPCS students. Regular components of the job include recreation, performing and visual arts, interactive reading, math, and science activities. Extended Day Team Members use their knowledge of the development of young children and how young children learn to support their social, emotional, and cognitive development. 

The Extended Day Team Member is a part-time, non-supervisory position and reports to the Principal. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Establishes rich and engaging physical extended-day learning environments

● Works with the principal and instructional staff to support extended day’s alignment with the regular day curriculum 

● Creates safe, clean, attractive, and engaging extended day spaces 

● Ensures the extended day contains sufficient supplies and materials for all children 

● Encourages children’s ownership and contributions to the extended day program 

Creates environments and instructional opportunities that meet the needs of diverse learners 

● Actively supports a diversity of learners in their classrooms 

● Provides additional support for students in need of remediation and differentiation in the classroom with the assistance of the instructional team 

● Fosters tolerance and a sense of community in the extended day program, modeling and explicitly teaching acceptance and appreciation of others 

Supports the development of young children’s early literacy, language, math, science, and social studies skills using intentional, playful, and engaging instruction 

● Plans and implements intentional, systematic, playful, and engaging activities that support the development of these skills 

● Plans adequate time for student talk and encourages children’s language use throughout the afternoon 

● Plans and integrates instructional activities that promote children’s understanding of the way things work and the world around them in alignment with AELPCS’s instructional program 

● Skillfully motivates students to participate in activities that support the development of their early literacy and language skills


Contributes to a community of practice 

● Plans collaboratively and shares ideas and resources with extended day team 

● Actively participates in professional development opportunities provided and seeks out additional professional development 

● Fulfills the standards of professionalism including appropriate dress, attendance, and timeliness 

● Completes necessary paperwork (including, but not limited to lesson plans, accident and incident reports, and supply requests) 

● Communicate regularly with parents and principals about student behavioral successes or concerns 

● Assists with supervision of students during enrichment activities 

Hours and Salary: 20 hours per week, typically between 6:30 am - 10:30 am and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. The pay is $20.43 per hour. 


● Must be energetic, reliable, and integrity-driven, and have strong communication skills to ensure effective, positive interactions with staff, parents, and children. 

● Previous experience developing and leading activities for children aged 3-5 is preferred. 

● Current college students or individuals with paraprofessional credentials are encouraged to app 

Working Environment 

● School working environment 


● The preceding description is not designed to be a complete list of all duties and responsibilities required of the Extended Day Team Member.