Finance & Operations Director

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Job Description

Reporting to the Managing Director, the Finance & Operations Director (FOD) will support the organization's strategic vision and execution of its mission as the primary manager of finance and operations, in collaboration with the senior leadership team.

The FOD can expect to…

  • Track different channels of funding across Resilience Force and Resilience Works and manage financial operations
  • Supervise and serve as the main point of contact for the accounting firm 
  • Support organizational development efforts through the creation of program budgets and financial reporting
  • Contribute to building a sustainable team and workplace culture in remote and in-person environments



  • Work closely with the Managing Director and Senior Leadership Team to devise and adhere to the annual operating budget in alignment with the ED’s financial strategy
  • Supervise RF’s and RW’s finance/accounting teams and consultants to ensure proper allocation of annual operating budget
  • Supervise and manage Resilience Force and Resilience Works’ finance and accounting functions, including financial modeling and annual financial audit.
  • Supervise and manage c3, c4, and LLC finance and accounting functions.
  • Maintain and monitor various accounting functions of the organization, including Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, credit card reconciliations, billing, purchasing, bank reconciliations, and all financial matters related to general ledger
  • Oversee daily and monthly banking activities, including managing daily cash flow reporting 
  • Act as the main point of contact for all payroll, taxes, and insurance/benefits financial transactions
  • Oversee risk management, compliance & financial planning for Resilience Force and Resilience Works
  • Support in creating and managing departmental, programmatic, and development budgets.
  • Review and analyze financial statements and documents, and prepare the MD & ED to present to the board of directors

Planning for Growth-

  • Work with the Managing Director and senior staff to draft the annual budget and ensure budget and program planning processes are moving forward together 


  • Support the Managing Director on the organization's administrative and operational processes, with a goal of continuously developing, improving, and evaluating systems to support strategic objectives 
  • Coordinate organizing and finance teams to ensure compliance and regulatory functions for 501c3, c4, and LLC statuses

Culture/Team Management-

  • When facilitating meetings, represent Resilience Force leadership to all staff and consultants in a friendly, thoughtful, and inclusive manner, being available for questions and concerns. 
  • Supervise and support further growth and development of a culture at RF that is aligned with our values and politics
  • Oversee Finance team

We encourage applicants with a passion for this work to apply, even if their experience differs from or doesn’t meet every requirement outlined here.

Please include responses to the following questions in your cover email. Resilience Force will not review or advance applications that do not include responses to these questions.

  • Can you describe your commitment to climate and/or social justice and how it aligns with your interest in working for Resilience Force? (250 words maximum)
  • How would you describe your past leadership experience in the non-profit finance and operations space that qualifies you for this position? (250 words maximum)
  • What is your approach to, and comfort with, managing the finances of a growing organization? (250 words maximum)

To apply, please email your resume and answers to the questions above to Molly Bartlett, Resilience Force Managing Director, at


  • At least seven years of Financial and Operations Management, including understanding financial relationships and dynamics between multiple legal entities under one organizational umbrella. 
  • Well-developed understanding of the legal and fiscal structure of 501(c)(3), LLCs, & 501(c)(4) budgets, grants, and programs, as well as private equity models.
  • Ability to respond quickly and effectively to rapidly changing needs and priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience engaging and working within working-class and BIPOC communities to build leadership capacity with the goal of making societal and political change. 
  • Experience with and/or understanding of collaborating with and managing people and projects in a remote environment 
  • Exceptional strategic thinking, written and verbal communication, interpersonal skills, and follow-through; well-versed in engaging with key stakeholders and colleagues
  • Demonstrated commitment to organizational values of economic and racial justice
  • Ability to travel as needed (10%)